Configuration Requirement

  • Processor: Pentium class
  • System Operator: Microsoft Windows 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT4(SP6)
  • System Operator: Macintosh OS X 10.6 snow leopard, 10.5 leopard, 10.4 tigar, 10.3.9 panther
  • Memory: Minimum 256MB (512 MB recommended)
  • Hard Drive: 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Internet Explorer: version 5 Or later

How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged OGM Video Files In Simple Clicks

Hello everyone, a few days ago when I plugged in my external removal device to transfer a collection of OGM files then suddenly I noticed a lot of error messages on the screen. After few minutes, when I rebooted my system then I cannot find any type of video files on my computer system. Some of the files related to .ogm format are very important for me. Someone recommend me effective solution to restore .ogm video files from computer machine ?Thanks in advance.

What is OGM File Format ?

OGM is known as big stream container format which has been developed and produced by Foundation. This is new foundation group mainly used for long file compression and video streaming. It is a kind of compressed video file which uses the another form of .ogg file container format that supports the entire video contents. The video file has the separate independent source codecs mainly used for audio as well as video contents. This file format may devide the different independent streams for video, meta data, text and sub titles. It is a completely free OGG video codecs that incorporates a huge number of portable media players, free version of media players, GPS receivers from both commercial and non-commercial locations.

However, in some nasty situations, many users mistakenly delete their important .ogm video files and accidentally removed files by continuously pressing delete all buttons. Let's discuss about the common scenarios through which your all important video files gets deleted, disappeared and lost from your computer system.

How To Play OGM Video Files ?

There are three simple solutions on how to play an OGM video file such as :

Method 1. You must try a third-party video decoder

This video file contains OGG Vorbis audio and a video stream that can be easily encoded using XviD, Theora, and other video codecs. If one of the media players can not recognize the audio and video codecs of the OGM video file, playback of your files is impossible. You must therefore install the third-party video decoding tool packages such as K-Lite Codec Pack, the combined codec. When you install these programs, you can easily play your .OGM video file on the device.

Method 2. Read .ogm files using GMO Drives

There are many media players that can easily play .OGM video files such as MPC-HC, Mplayer and VLC. Try these three media players that specifically support .OGM video files and play them on the device.

Method 3. Convert the .ogm File to Other Different Formats

Under certain conditions, certain OGM players can read the .OGM file lists of the system. But as you know, the OGM format is not user friendly, unlike other video sharing pages. So, if you want to completely solve the problems, you need to convert GMOs to AVI and different video formats.

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What are the reasons for the accidental deletion and lost of OGM Files ?

  • When you attempt to delete your important .ogm files by selecting Shift + Del or Delete All buttons wrongly. This is the primary reason that may lead to the accidental corruption of video files.
  • Clicking on Restoring factory setting option that can lead to the missing of personal OGM files. You will see that your numerous videos gets disappeared when your valid backup option is not working.
  • In some cases, the vital .OGM files or other video data gets suddenly damaged due to improper handling of portable devices, uninstallation of programs and other severe interruptions.
  • Due to file compression issues.
  • The attack of spyware or virus is the main reason which can corrupt and lost your all important .ogm video files.

What to do if your all .OGM video files gets severely corrupted, disappeared or lost ?

If you have encountered any of the aforementioned reasons then no need to feel irritate and panic because there are numerous video recovery applications presents in the numerous online sources. So, you need to choose OGM Video Recovery software which is one of the popular and trustworthy application mainly designed to retrieve deleted and disappeared OGM video files easily. It uses ultimate scanning technique that enables to scans whole hard drive or volume and search any type of single file which is lost from external storage removal drive. With the help of this amazing recovery utility, you can freely rescue numerous video files from AMR media players and other numerous types of portable media players. This efficient application or tool not only restores video files and also get back video clips or other digital media files from your computer machine. This reliable utility helps you to restore deleted or lost .OGM video files from iPod, cell phones, FireWire drive, SSD, external as well as internal hard drive and multiple external storage devices.

Effective Guide for Performing OGM Video Recovery Software

There are the lists of guidelines that allows you to retrieve numerous videos related to .ogm files from computer and other portable media players. Some of the points are listed below :

  • First of all, download and install OGM File Recovery Software on your computer system. Run it on your targeted system by following all instructions.
  • Once the software gets installed on your system successfully, you will notice the two different options such as Deleted Video Recovery and Lost Video Recovery on the main screen.
  • Now, select first option namely Deleted video Recovery option and select the drive location from where you want to recover .OGM files on the system.
  • Find out the file type especially .ogm format and move to the Scan button and wait for a moment until the software will deeply scan your all deleted files.
  • Now, when the scanning process gets finished, click on Recover option to initiate the recovering all files.
  • Well, when the progress of scanning gets completed, without making any delay click on Preview option that allows you to see the preview of all recovered video files. At last, click on Save option and select the location where you want to save your .OGM video files on the computer system.
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