Configuration Requirement

  • Processor: Pentium class
  • System Operator: Microsoft Windows 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT4(SP6)
  • System Operator: Macintosh OS X 10.6 snow leopard, 10.5 leopard, 10.4 tigar, 10.3.9 panther
  • Memory: Minimum 256MB (512 MB recommended)
  • Hard Drive: 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Internet Explorer: version 5 Or later

How to Get Back Lost WMF Pictures in Effective Way

Hello friends! I have formatted the hard disk of my system and lost WMF files accidentally. I tried some of the popular recovery software to get back the files but ended up with failure. I can't afford to lose all the pictures at any cost. In fact, I am ready to pay for the licensed copy also. Could you please suggest any effective way to restore deleted WMF files? How can I avoid the chances of photo loss in future? I am eagerly waiting for your response. Thank you so much for help in advance.

What is WMF File?

WMF stands for Windows Media File which is used as an extension by the Graphics File. It is mostly used on Windows based system which has been introduced by Microsoft Corporation. You need to know that it contains a series of graphic operations which are mainly used to create vector as well as bitmap images associated with drawing tools. You can open these files on Microsoft Word, Powerpoint as well as Publisher. Additionally, these formats are also supported by PaintShop Pro. It is compatible with different versions of Windows based system. You need to know that these files are small in size and usage less space in the memory.

Causes Responsible for Loss or Corruption of WMF files:-

You need to know that there are a wide range of factors which are responsible for the corruption of WMF files. Some of the important points has been mentioned below:-

Malware Attack: Sometimes, user downloads the free software from unauthorized sites even without reading the EULA. It can bring floods of malicious malware in the system and corrupt all the saved files.

Formatting of the Hard Drive: Due to bad sectors in the hard disk drive, it will stop to respond properly. In such a case, you need to format the drive. If you will proceed without storing the backup copy then you will lose all the files.

Accidental Deletion: While removing unwanted files from the PC, if you will accidentally select any of the important WMF files then you have to face photo loss situation.

Changing File Extensions: WMF formats are not compatible with various platforms. To make them compatible, users proceeds to change the file extensions manually. It can also corruption of the saved files.

Interruption during File Transfer: If any unwanted interruption occurs during the file transfer process from system to external drives then it will cause damage of the selected files.

Manual Method to Recover Erased WMF Files:-

If you are facing loss of WMF files and wants to regain them in easiest way then we recommend you to follow the manual method which has been mentioned below:-

Method 1: Make use of SMD commands to restore lost files:-

  • You need to type cmd command in the search box of the Start menu.

  • From the List, select Command Prompt option.

  • Type chkdsk G” /f. (Note: Here G means the drive of the system. You can enter the drive name from which file has been deleted.) and hit Enter key.

  • Again type ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D G:*.* and press Enter.

  • It will begin the recovery process. You need to wait for it

  • .
  • Restart the PC to see the changes.

Method 2: Make use of Windows Previous Session option:-

You need to know that Windows operating system comes with Restore Previous Session option. If you have enabled the feature then it will keep backup copy of the files of every date. To use the feature, you need to follow the given steps:-

  • Open File Explorer of Windows PC.

  • Choose the drive from which you have erased the file and right click on it. Now, you need to choose Properties option.

  • Go to Previous version Tab.

  • Choose the date on which file was working fine and click on Restore button.

Important Point to Remember: You need to know that these steps are quite complicated which requires technical knowledge. If you will perform any mistake then it can cause freezing of the operating system also. So, if you don't have much idea about the internal files then no need to follow these steps.

Automatic Way to Restore Deleted WMF Files:-

No need to worry if your WMF files has been erased or corrupted accidentally. In such a case, experts recommends you to make use of WMF Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced tool which has been designed by the technical experts with the help of advanced algorithms and powerful mechanisms. This tool is capable to scan the system internally to find the deleted or corrupted WMF files in few minutes. Even more, it can also help you to get back different formats of images, videos and audio files even without compromising their actual quality. This tool comes with user-friendly interface which can be easily handled by the non-technical users also. It supports various advanced features and allows the users to save their files at the desired location. You can check the working efficiency of the tool by downloading its trial version now. Once you are satisfied then you can also purchase the licensed version of the software.


WMF is one of the popular file format which is used by the Windows based PC to create vector images. The worst situation is seen when it accidentally gets damaged or deleted due to malware attack, abrupt termination, changing file extensions and many more. If you are also facing photo loss situation and wants to get back in effective manner then we suggest you to make use of WMF Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced tool which is capable to scan the system and detect the deleted or corrupted files quickly. So, you can download the trial version of the software without wasting a single moment.

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